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          P5NC    ON SALE NOW!

          P1DC    ON SALE NOW!





        Discovery Concert CE

        Solo Dreadnought


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Acoustic Guitars      


         IJC30 - 3/4 Classical guitar includes gigbag, strap, picks, and tuner


         IJV30 - 3/4 Steel String Guitar includes gigbag, strap, picks, and tuner   temporarily out of stock


         IJV50 - Dreadnought style acoustic includes gigbag, strap, picks, & tuner  


    Acoustic/Electric Guitars


          TCY10EBK  - Talman in Black Gloss   

          TCY74OPN -  Talman in Open Pore Natural   temporarily out of stock

          TCY10ETBS -  Talman in Transparent Blue Burst   temporarily out of stock

          GA35TCEDVS - Thinline Classical cutaway in Dark Violin Sunburst   temporarily out of stock  


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         SA50 - Squier acoustic pack




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          RD26SB -  Sunburst Finish

          RD26CESB - Sunburst Finish A/E

          RD26 -  Natural Finish

          RD26L - LEFTY  




          RT26   Travel Sized Guitar




          AF60L     LEFTY

          LJ60 - Little Jumbo Travel Guitar   


          MGA66ESHB - Masterworks

          ADA1965 -   50th Anniversary Series Dreadnought

          AFA1965 -   50th Anniversary Series Folk 

          APA1965 -   50th Anniversary Series Parlor  temporarily out of stock




            CADETE - 3/4 Size























RiverCity Music
Hours:  10:00 - 7:00 M-Th  · 10:00 - 5:00 F-Sat.
1105 Clocktower Plaza · Washington, MO  63090
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