We are excited that you have landed on our rental page and look forward to meeting you and your child. We want to provide you with as much information as possible so that you have the peace-of-mind knowing that your child is going to have the best experience possible in your school's band or orchestra program. 





We have convenient hours for you and your child to come and visit with a River City Music team member that will provide you with one-on-one personal assistance and walk you through the rental process.  Mouthpiece testing is also available for those not sure which instrument is right for them.




River City Music is the only local full-service music store offering musical instrument rental services. We strive to keep our musical instrument rental process convenient, equipping students with rentals, onsite repairs, books, supplies, and free instrument loaners

We typically have instruments available at various price points, from beginner models to those appropriate for advancing players.

We offer gift certificates to local Scrip programs to benefit parochial schools.

A generous early pay off discount on band rentals is available should you want to own the instrument rented. 

When you rent instrument at River City Music, your tax dollars go right back into your community's school district.





      • Flute
      • Clarinet
      • Alto Saxophone
      • Tenor Saxophone
      • Trumpet
      • Trombone
      • Euphonium
      • Combo Kit
      • Bell Kit
      • Snare Drum Kit
      • Xylophone


  • Cello
  • Viola
  • Violin



We repair our rental instruments in-house. If a pad comes loose,  frozen valve caps, or a stuck mouthpiece, we can take care of it all right here.

We repair most devices within 24 hours. If we anticipate a repair to take longer, we will provide the student with a loaner at no cost.



Q. Is my instrument Insured?

A. While insurance does not cover every possibility, a homeowners policy or a renters policy often covers the school instrument from theft, fire, or other accidents covered by your policy. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to confirm coverage levels. 


Q.  How long do I have to commit to renting an instrument?

A.  Band rentals may be rented for as little as one month at a time, orchestra rentals have several plans available depending on your needs. 


Q.  My school doesn't list you as a source, can we rent with you?

A.   Absolutely!  Hundreds of people from more than 8 local school districts rent their instrument from River City Music each year!


Q.  What happens if our instrument is damaged, lost, or stolen?

A.  Any repairable damage is covered by our maintenance plan (if chosen at time of rental).  Stolen instruments may be replaced with an official police report.  Should an instrument be lost, you are responsible for the replacement value.  


Q.  I can't afford an instrument but my child really wants to play, what can we do?

A.  We can help!  Please visit our sponsorship page to learn more. 


Q.  Do you have a loaner instrument if our rental needs repair?

A.  Yes!  We keep a good stock of loaner instruments on hand so that you are never without an instrument.  No need to wait for your instrument to travel across the state for a simple repair or hope that a loaner is available.


Q.  What brands do you sell and rent?

A.  We carry a variety of brands such as Buffet, Jupiter, P. Mauriat,  Eastman, West Coast Strings and others to name a few.  These instruments are used in thousands of school across the nation (and world) and are approved by most educators.


Q.  How much does it cost to rent an instrument?

A.  Band instruments start at $25.95 per month for new and like new  instruments.  Saxophones and baritones range $47.95-$59.95 per month for new and like new.   Violins, violas, and cellos have partial or full school year plans available.